Saturday, June 19, 2010


Shown Above: Offers considered on this incredible large EMERALD and diamond ring appraised over $10,000 at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE and VIANVI JEWELRY at RUBY PLAZA.

When it comes to REAL bling bling, you can't beat the real thing i.e. real diamonds and real gemstones. Sure, costume jewelry is often super pretty, nicely designed, and if it's vintage, generally of high quality when it comes to the crystals and rhinestones used. But let's face it: that costume jewelry takes a beating over time. Unless you keep it all in a box and never wear it, sooner or later stones chip, become cloudy or discolored or fall out altogether. And those old crystals are often hard to replace: after all, the pieces were made 20 - 50 years ago. Finding the perfectly matching crystal can be an impossible job, even more so if the designer is a famous one like Sherman.

But of course, costume jewelry is so much more affordable than real diamond and gemstone jewelry. So while many of us dream of owning a gorgeous emerald and diamond ring like the one at the top of this post, dream is all we can do ... unless we consider buying "used", "second hand" or what sounds nicer "pre-loved". Let's stick with pre-loved as often, that's exactly what the original owner probably felt: love for that special ring. She may not have worn it every day. She kept it boxed and put it on for special occasions. Being real diamonds and genuine gemstones, it wouldn't go cloudy or discolor. Being real diamonds and gemstones, chipping was much less likely as the stones are so much harder. Oh sure, they can be chipped or scratched, but if your seller is honest, they'll disclose any flaws. Even flawed, a diamond or gemstone still retains value. And if a stone does fall out and is lost, replacing them isn't anywhere near as difficult, though it is more expensive.

These are some of the reasons we like selling genuine diamond and gemstone jewelry at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE and VIANVI JEWELRY. We try to give a buyer the chance to own truly valuable and beautiful rings, necklaces, brooches or bracelets at a fraction of what they would have paid had they bought it brand new. We go all out looking for quality items. We avoid chipped stones. We steer clear of diamonds with carbon deposits or poor clarity ie.. the diamonds look cloudy or milky. (If we do happen to have some that don't quite meet our criteria, you can count on us to have priced it according to its lesser quality). You might not know it, but many of the rings being sold in retail outlets today, if they seem affordable, are often of a diamond quality we won't touch! It sometimes shocks us looking at new rings in modern retail shops with price tags of $2000 - $3000 ... and offering diamonds we wouldn't want! But folks buy them because they're new. The little pinpoint lights make them twinkle in those glass displays and the buyer thinks they're awesome. We don't. The ones that are awesome, if new, are many thousands of dollars more!

So that said, feast your eyes on some of the diamond/gemstone rings we currently have in our VIANVI shops. These are true quality ... and the appraisals we have done back that up. No, they are not cheap. But we're selling them at a fraction of their value. What a way for you, our buyers, to afford quality jewelry!

Above: RARE natural ALEXANDRITE & diamond cocktail ring appraised at $8950. Our price: ONLY $3795! CLICK HERE TO SEE & LEARN MORE.

Above: Stunning cocktail ring feartures 1/2ct of diamonds set around a brilliant pink TOURMALINE. Fabulous ring at fabulous price during our 50% OFF SALE. Only $350!! CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE & LEARN MORE

Above: Appraised at $3800, it doesn't get much prettier than this RUBY and Diamond dinner ring, on sale now for only $1079. CLICK HERE NOW!

Above: Unheated, natural SAPPHIRE and Diamond Ring, appraised at $8850 is set in platinum. Only $3299. Rare gemstone! LEARN MORE HERE!

There are so many more gorgeous diamond and gemstone rings available in our shops, and right now, with our 50% OFF SALE in full swing, you can't get much better for so much less. Be sure to drop by and look for those items marked 50% OFF. Necklaces and bracelets too! Lots of real BLING BLING!

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